Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yep. I'm SO going there...

When I first read the below article, I thought "oh snap". Not because of a strong opinion of my own one way or the other, but because I knew the fall out would be swift and harsh and so very, very unfortunate.

This is exactly the type of hot button issue that often gives Christ-followers a bad rep. Because let's be honest - the topic is a perfect opportunity to bring out our inner self righteousness, pride, and spirit of judgment.

A few years ago, maybe even less time back than that, I'd have jumped on the bandwagon with flags a-wavin'. Now, my stride is slower. My gate is hitched with a limp ala Jacob's famous wrestle. (Genesis 32) And my heart has a compassion that can only be birthed from brokenness. I've been through a personal hell and back, and my perspective is so very, very different now.

I don't have a flag anymore.

I do have an opinion. Don't we all?

But here's my bottom line and why I'm even writing this instead of letting the topic die down before too many casualties ensue.

IN THIS INSTANCE it doesn't matter what you think about gay marriage. It doesn't matter what you think the Bible says about gay marriage or how you interpret the Bible in general or whether your best friend is gay or whether you're gay or whatever.

The question that's important right now comes down solely to this: Do you sponsor through World Vision, and if you do, will this change in policy make you offended enough to remove your sponsorship?

AND IF YOU DO - who suffers for it? The company? Not really. The children you were sponsoring? ABSOLUTELY.

I'm not taking the easy way out here, and I'll prove it. Watch.

1. Do I believe that homosexuality is a sin? Yes
2. Do I believe it is one sin listed in the Bible, along with a thousand other sins listed in the Bible, many of those of which I am guilty of myself? Yes
3. Do I believe all gay people are going to hell? No
4. Do I believe I need Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross for my sin just as much as gay people do for theirs? Yes
5. Do I currently sponsor through World Vision? Yes, and have for over a decade. I'm on my third kid now, because the first one I saw all the way through until she turned 18 and the second child's family withdrew from the program.
6. Will this adjusted policy make me cancel my sponsorship? NO
7. Will this prevent me from taking on additional sponsorships in the future? No. I don't see a correlation. Kids are being helped in numerous ways through World Vision, and are being given the Gospel of Jesus. Nothing else matters but Jesus in the long run. Nothing.

Here's something else to think about - how many employees did World Vision employ before this policy change that lived this lifestyle in secret, anyway? Does it really matter now that it's "allowed" versus behind closed doors? What does that actually change? Were kids being given Bibles through World Vision? Water? Education? Gifts? Support? Yes.

Are they still, now, on the other side of this policy shift?


Think about this, too. How many companies and organizations that you frequent possibly have policies and allowances in place that you just don't know about because they're not public or spotlighted right now? If you knew, maybe then you'd boycott, like maybe you did Starbucks or Disneyworld or wherever else. Again, that's your choice. I neither respect nor disrespect that choice. It's yours to make. But if you never drink a white chocolate mocha again or take a photo with Mickey & Minnie, no one suffers. If you withdraw a sponsorship because of this principle, then kids suffer.

Just. Think. About. It.

Please, I beg you - think before you do anything rash. If you choose to remove your sponsorship through World Vision because of this, that's your decision, your choice, your prerogative. But think it through. Pray it through. And talk to the organization on the phone about finding a replacement before you leave a kid high and dry for something they have NOTHING to do with, and ZERO control over (like everything else in their poor lives).



  1. Personally, I think it is really sad that Christians aren't obeying the Bible. Homosexuality, all throughout history, is the downfall of any nation that embraces it.

    But you are right - having a hateful attitude isn't going to anybody any good. We have to speak the truth in love and stand for God without using worldly, hateful means. Do I always know where to draw the line in where that stand is? No. I think only the Holy Spirit can guide people about what He wants them to do. But one thing is for sure - we can not be hypocrites about it. Shunning one company and not another (like our revered Starbucks) is not the answer. Maybe the answer is in witnessing more and boycotting less? After all, proclaiming the gospel is our mission, not hating people.

    Good post!

  2. Thank you Alicia! Your comment was also well said. I personally am weary of believers attacking each other on certain topics and letting other "more common or everyday" struggles/sins go completely unaddressed or ignored. We're playing favorites and picking and choosing what we believe and will live by/live for, and it's getting very lukewarm and nauseating. I just can't stand the idea of kids suffering for this. I like what you said about witnessing more and boycotting less.

  3. I started sponsoring a child through World Vision when I was 15. I chose WV because I wanted to give through a Christian organization.

    Their decision (and it's a stamp of approval whether they want to call it that or not) saddens me.

    The difference between them and Starbucks is that Starbucks is not a Christian organization. When you add the label of Christian/Follower of Jesus/Evangelical to your company, you bear His Name. Act like it.

    I give to companies like American Heart Association and Sunshine Kids, etc. I don't care about the sexuality of their workers or their opinion on gay marriage because they aren't calling themselves Christians. We can't be mad at sinners for doing what sinners do.

    But, I can hold a Christian company accountable with my support.

    The girl I currently sponsor is 17. When she ages out, I will cancel my sponsorship. I do not want to cancel now because that means she will go without.

    But, when WV gives me the option of picking another child, I will--one with another company.

  4. YES! Exactly. Thank you, Laura. You're sticking to your beliefs, yet your sponsored children won't suffer for it. That's exactly what I hope people decide to do here. Thanks for sharing!! And I do agree with your point that it's different when you're a Christian labeled institution verses a secular like Starbucks. I personally think their changing their policy to include this but continuing to highlight abstinence in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships is almost silly - not because I think abstinence is silly, but because how do they KNOW? Are their employees truly that transparent and honest with their personal lives? Or are they essentially hiring liars and/or encouraging employees to lie about their can really get complicated with this. I know it's off the main point, but just another thought I had when I read that part of the article. It sort of goes back to...why are they highlighting ANY of their hiring policies, at all, regardless of any changes? Why broadcast it one way or another?