Thursday, June 27, 2013

New blog design!!

Hey guys! I'm here!!

Thanks for being patient with me. I've been dealing with a bunch of stuff personally with my family, working on multiple book deadlines, and this blog design, not to mention working and putting my house up for sale. I'm not bored, to say the least. Things keep sort of blowing up. Prayers appreciated.

However, I wanted to drop a note and say this is my fabulous new blog design brought to you by Haley Young! She's clearly very good at what she does, and I hope you go pay her a visit, especially if you're in the market for a new look for an existing web presence, or to start a new blog/website. You won't be sorry :)

You can read more about Haley and her genius at and

I'll be back after my deadline next week with fresh posts :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

A little different...

This isn't a Christian band, but I discovered this song the other day and it really spoke to me, because I think while a "secular" song, it's very poignant and relatable to anyone who has searched and asked questions and not gotten easy, or quick, answers.

See what you think.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What punctuation mark are you?

This was too fun. And we could all use that today ;)

I'm a semi colon!

You are elegant, understated, and subtle in your communication.
You're very smart (and you know it), but you don't often showcase your brilliance.

Instead, you carefully construct your arguments, ideas, and theories – until they are bulletproof.
You see your words as an expression of yourself, and you are careful not to waste them.

You friends see you as enlightened, logical, and shrewd.
(But what you're saying often goes right over their heads.)

You excel in: The Arts

You get along best with: The Colon

Hahahaha. Good times. Who's a Colon for me to bond with??? :)

What'd you get?

PS - JUST realized I accidentally posted this here instead of at where I intended it to go. (a writer's blog) HAHAHAH! Sorry for the randomness.