Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Launching with a giveaway...

Hello readers! I hope the music video yesterday encouraged you. I absolutely love that song by Meredith Andrews right now. It's become one of my battle cries. 

What is one of your battle cries? What song or phrase or Scripture speaks to your heart in moments of anguish, moments of doubt, moments of fear? What is it you keep coming back to for Truth? I'd love to know. 

In other news - to celebrate my blog launch, I'd like to do a giveaway! To enter, simply leave a comment on this post and check back next week for the winner! The winner will have a choice of novels to choose from for their prize. Can't beat that!

I'll be doing more giveaways sporadically, so if you love free books, keep checking back.  ;)

And in the meantime - keep your battle cry close to your heart. Jesus hears it - not only that, He gave it to you. He's supplying His riches and meeting all your needs. 

"After all, You are constant. After all, You are only good. After all, You are sovereign."



  1. Betsy,

    I love your new blog. I also loved the music video.


  2. Betsy!
    That is one of my all time faves right now - but, all of her music is fantabulous!

    Just a side-note: I shared Addison Blakely with a couple of younger gals (not that I'm not young) that I know and they loved it - thus, they should be getting more of your stuff, soon!

    As far as your blog for today... girl, it is perfect timing for my heart to hear that sweet reminder!


  3. Hello! What a great blog you have hear. I loved the song.
    I like the get real, very encouraging. :) I didn't realize you had written lots of books, very cool. :) Will be visiting your blog regularly.

    God Bless!

  4. Love your blog so far, and love the heart behind it. :)

  5. I'm excited to watch this blog unfold :) my battle cried lately have over confusion in everything,

  6. Just discovered this blog, not sure if it's too late to enter but thought I'd comment anyway. I look forward to seeing how your blog develops!

  7. Not too late Kendra! I'm doing the drawing next week :)

  8. Hopefully I'm not too late either--but here's my comment! Hey! Thanks for much for starting this blog. The post about Jesus being directly involved with our lives made me tear up and really touched me. Getting real is something that needs to happen SO much more often, but it doesn't. I'm glad you're brave enough to put yourself out there--thanks for doing that. :)