Monday, December 17, 2012

Lessons from Buddy the Elf

Buddy's reaction to the news that Santa is coming is priceless. Hilarious, as only Will F. can be. But there's a lesson here, and one we should really soak in this Christmas season.

Can we say that about Jesus?

"OH MY GOSH! Jesus is coming!! JESUS IS COMING!"

Have you ever felt that excited about the second coming? Guilty here. I haven't been until lately.

Or..."I know him!! I KNOW him!!!!"

Do you?

Honestly, for the first time in my entire Christian life, I feel a bit of that excitement toward Jesus. I was saved as a 7 year old child and rededicated as a teenager to "nail down my salvation" because of uncertainty. I'm 28 now, so that's a considerable number of years.

Yet, because of the storm I've been in and the trial I'm wearily and warily facing these days, I can fully say from the depths of my heart... "I KNOW Him."

Do you?

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