Thursday, December 13, 2012

Spiritual stretch marks...

Mommies of the world know about stretch marks.

Whether you gained 5 lbs in your pregnancy or 65, odds are, you have a few. Me - I slathered up in cocoa butter daily during my pregnancy, and still escaped with a few battle scars, as we like to call them. (sounds more noble, doesn't it?) It's part of it. And more than worth the reward of mommyhood.

The other day, a dear friend told me she could see how much I'd grown lately spiritually and how it had encouraged her in her own walk. What a blessing! She said she was amazed at how far and fast I'd come. I blurted out "Girl, no kidding. I have spiritual stretch marks!"

It's true. Have you ever been there? In the position of learning a spiritual truth so quickly, so thoroughly, that you felt it was almost TOO fast? That you're hanging on to Jesus's hand and dragging your feet and yelling "WAAAIIIITTTTT!"

But His timing is perfect, so you might as well just "pick up your shoes", as I tell Little Miss when she's scuffing her feet on the floor, and keep up the pace. He's always on time, never late. I read in a devotional book recently "God's timing is perfect. Your timing is wrong."

Just as stretch marks from pregnancy leave behind a permanent reminder of that unique experience and time in our life, spiritual stretch marks serve to document the journey Jesus leads us on. The trial. The pain. The tears. The prayers. The hope. The darkness.

The victory.

Wear your battle scars proudly, friend.

And remember - Jesus has scars too. And by His stripes we are healed.


  1. Good stuff here, bets! Just what I needed today!

    And yes, I have all sorts of battle scars too :)

  2. I'm thankful to say I have both. And thankful that in Him we do have victory! Fantastic post!