Monday, December 3, 2012

Writing in faith...

Write it down.

You'd think as an author, that would come naturally to me, but I think it doesn't just because I AM an author. I write so many other things, that at the end of the day, I'm spent and have no more time/energy/creative flow to devote to my own story.

But how backward is that? It should be the most important one of all. Sure, it doesn't have a pressing deadline and a fabulous editor in New York waiting for the finished product or the benefit of an advance check hanging on it...but it's MY story. My life. My heartbeat.

I need to write it down.

And you know what? So do you. Because I've realized it's one of the most important, effective tools (besides prayer, of course) in fighting against the enemy. When you pour your heart onto the page and document your journey, your storm, your trial - you're providing your testimony. Revelation 12:11. "And they have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony."

That's putting our testimony into the same, though rightfully second place, category as the BLOOD of CHRIST.


Pretty powerful stuff (to be the understatement of the year)

When we provide our testimony, we get truth. We see the journey for what it is, and we get to remember and see PROOF of all the times and all the ways Jesus came through for us. The enemy can't poke us with lies or downplay God's power with thoughts like "well it wasn't that big of deal" or "you just overreacted" or "it would have worked out anyway" when the pages are soaked in tears and we clearly, vividly remember the pain of that entry. The enemy can't fill our heads with lies of "God doesn't care" or "God has forgotten you" when we see His fingerprints all over our stories. God gets the glory from our testimony.

Another benefit - when we record it all, we'll have the whole saga to share with others, to offer hope and encouragment for their own story. We won't forget those crucial key elements, however small, that kept us going each day. The blessings God used to remind us of His love. The power is often in the details and the details are sadly what we forget first.

So go back to the beginning and start documenting your storm. I'm going to do it to, because while I've been writing down pieces here and there, I don't have it all down yet. And I know that's a big part of this journey for me, a big piece in the puzzle of freedom. My prayer thoughout my trial has been that God would get the glory. What better way than this to start that process? Stepping out in faith that the story will end will.

This chapter might downright stink. But God isn't finished yet.

Write it down.

PS - the winners of the two Liz Johnson giveaway books are...eyeballucy and Laura Jackson! Congrats ladies, you're going to love her stories! I'll forward your email addresses to Liz and she'll be in touch. Thanks for entering!

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