Friday, February 22, 2013

A beautiful exchange

I've always loved music.

I mean, what seven year old girl DIDN'T like singing along at the top of her lungs to Trisha Yearwood's "She's In Love With the Boy"? Or belting out Ariel's masterpiece "Part of Your World" while riding their pink streamered bike up and down the driveway?

But I've never been one of those people who NEEDED music or connected with it to the degree that it was practically life. I've never had the urge to produce it or do more than belt out Carrie Underwood in the car (alone, so I don't torment my preschooler) or in the shower. (because really, who can hit her notes in public anyway?)

Never been one of those people.

Until now.

Now - if I don't have KLOVE radio station playing on my computer at work, I can NOT get through the day. Absolutely without a doubt, NOT going to happen. I need the music.

But here's the neat part. It's not the music.

It's Jesus in the music. Its the words and lyrics and melody dedicated to bringing HIM glory and Him then giving me peace and encouragement and comfort through it all.

A beautiful exchange.

Some of my favorite songs right now (in no order) include:

Hurt & Healer - Mercy Me
Promises - Sanctus Real
You Are I Am - Mercy Me
The Great I Am - Phillips Craig and Dean
Strangely Dim - Francesca Battistelli
Worn - Tenth Avenue North
Good Morning - Mandisa/Toby Mac
Need You Now - Plumb
Not For a Moment - Meredith Andrews
All This Time - Britt Nicole
Times - Tenth Avenue North

What songs speak to you right now?


  1. Redeemed-Big Daddy Weave
    Your love is a song-Switchfoot
    Cannons-Pretty much anything by Phil Wickham
    Called me Higher-All sons and dauthers** seriously listen to this one on youtube!

    :) Love your post, Bets!

  2. My daughter has introduced me to Kari Jobe and her song "Here." After a tough work day, I listen to this one. You gotta check it out if you haven't heard it.