Friday, February 1, 2013

Confessions from a think-a-holic


Do you?

I mean really. Do you even just STOP and REST?

Or is your mind always churning (like mine) of what you still have left to do or change or accomplish or write or read and put away?

When I do sit down and try to relax, it's like this in my head:

There's towels in the washer if I don't get the laundry out of the dryer soon they're going to wrinkle beyond repair did I unload the dishwasher yet or is it still dirty oops I really need to finish writing that workshop for that conference I'm teaching next month and I haven't met my wordcount today for my novel gotta do that ASAP when is Little Miss's next snack day at school oh yeah her class fee is due so I better get up and write that check and do the laundry and dishes before I forget again oh goodness the hubby left his pjs on the floor let me just shove those in the drawer real quick OH MY GOSH I haven't updated our banking in a few days, I better catch that up too so I'll do that, feed Little Miss, play Princess Dominoes and then try to write before bed oh goodness we're out of Coke Zero so maybe a quick trip to Dollar General before I make her lunch for tomorrow's school day...... 

It's exhausting to be me sometimes. And that's NOT what God wants from me, not how He wants me to live. (you either!) I'll admit - somehow, usually, I get it all done. But I stay weary. Burned out. Short tempered and irritable with the people who deserve my best.

God's been working on me in this area, and I've gotten somewhat better about the emotional part of it and behavioral part of it toward others - but not the "stop it" part. I've just stuffed it down, convinced myself I really can do all of this and do it well and all by myself and be perfect because its' expected of me and my loved ones deserve my best and the best of everything I can give them....

and I'm weary.

Who can relate? Come on, fess up. Give me some company here :)

In the name of Jesus, let's REST.

I'm at work today, and there's a party for Little Miss's friend after school, and we can't avoid life - but at some point today, in my spirit, I'm going to just rest. And hopefully later this evening, physically as well.

I'm praying that God reveals your need to you for the same, if it's a need, and that you'll be able to close your eyes today and bask in His presence and blissfully--nothing else at all.


  1. I think I over-think, ha I said "I think." I KNOW I I over-think.

  2. I was reading about resting last week...
    On the 7th day, after He finished creation, He rested.
    But for us that day of rest was the still 1st day - it shows us that we are to rest in Him and enjoy Him first. Then we will be able to do what He needs us to do. :)
    (If I would just remember this when weariness takes over!!!)