Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's wrong with Christianity?

We had such great feedback over the "Can Christians drink" question I posed! Thanks for all who shared their opinions and did it in a non-argumentative way with each other. Fabulous!

My question today might also require some anonymous answers, and that's always fine. So here it is:

What's wrong with Christianity today?

Now, to clarify - Christianity as in religion, or at least, as in the way the world views us as Christians.

What's wrong? Why are we not as effective as we want to be? Why do we not have the victory we're supposed to have in Christ? The joy? The contentment? Why is your church not growing? Why is your small group stale?

I'd love to see your answers, and will share mine in a bit.


  1. This is a big question!! There are a lot of reasons why Christianity is not as effective as we all want it to be, but I do want to point out that with all of the pastors, deacons, popes, etc in the media these days being charged for molesting a child, child pornography, and more, it has ruined our image. Also, with this Westboro Baptist church in this country, that for certain has had some damage on how the rest of the world views Christians and our values. People think that because this one guy over here who claims to be Christian did this and this bad thing that all Christians must be like this....extreme hypocrites.

    With the changing times, we feel like we can alter some rules, make some exceptions, and not be as strict on ourselves or others. For example, your previous blog about drinking!! Also included would be smoking, tattoos, cursing, and some others. We have (for the most part) changed with the society. Our music has changed, what we wear to church is not the same as what it used to be (it's way more laid back in some churches, which gives the idea that people can wear a tank top and jeans to service and be just fine), the way we pray is different or not as serious as it should be, and we are taking the bible out of context sometimes with what it really means because we are trying to make it fit into today's world. This is just my opinion though.

  2. Being a pastor's wife, I see a big downfall in priorities - finger pointing at myself too. If we have time for church, we'll go. But, if something else comes up - even going to the lake or practicing ball - we'll dump church. I know the next argument is that I can be Christian and not go to church. That's true except God said to honor the Sabbath and keep it holy. With all God does and has done for us, doesn't He deserve one day out of your week? Our kids are noticing what is important to us. We can't say God is top priority and then neglect worshiping Him. Trust me, our kids are smarter than that! What is important to you, gets your time, attention, and money. If we want to leave a legacy of faith to our kids, we gotta prove it. Halfhearted devotion to God won't cut it.