Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting Real with Krystal Stubbs

Today, we're Getting Real with aspiring author Krystal Stubbs!

Let's see what Krystal had to say on the topic...

"Getting real” is a phrase that is used in so many ways with so many meanings. To me, getting real means accepting who you are as an individual and accepting others for who they are. God didn’t make us to be perfect, but rather the qualities and characteristics He’s given us lines up with our purpose in life. I love my best friends so much because we accept one another despite our flaws and shortcomings in life. To me, getting real is when you can put yourself out there and YOU are accepted with love. When people show who they really are, they are letting you know that they are comfortable in their own skin and will not be affected by rejection.

I have seen it done before where someone will go against their morals and values just to prevent rejection.  But how long can you pretend to be something you’re not and uncomfortable with before the REAL YOU burst out?

Why not keep it real from the beginning, like the Bible says? “If God is for you, who can be against you”?

Don’t modify something God has wonderfully made in His image and with His love. Getting real is not only being comfortable with yourself but loving yourself, telling yourself that you are worth more than what the eye meets.I learned the hard way about getting real, but now I keep it real, and it's so much easier and less stressful!

Glory be to God for being allowing us to live freely through Him.

Betsy here - I loved Krystal's take on this, especially as it relates to women and their body image and self love. We're SO hard on ourselves (I'm preaching to myself here as well!) I can appreciate her words on "comfortable in your own skin" and "we accept one another despite our flaws and shortcomings". As women, we all too often get hung up on our physical appearance and our emotional, mental and spiritual appearance...and we forget to just love. Accept others as they are, and realize that they want to do the same for us. Stop the judging (of yourself and others!) and LOVE. 

Stretch marks, birth marks, cellulite, bad attitudes, sin, and all - covered by love. Christ's love. In us and through us. 


Thanks Krystal, for guesting here!

26-year-old Krystal Stubbs is a happy wife and a loving mother of two beautiful kids. She lives in South Mississippi and has been saved since November of 2010. While openly confessing to not being perfect, she has a heart that desires to follow Christ and make a difference. Her blog, V.O.I.C.E., is one avenue in which she's attempting to fulfill her call of helping young ladies seek God and find positive answers to everyday life.


  1. Love this! Many teenagers--and adults as well--pretend to be someone they're not for the fear of rejection, or to fit in with a crowd they shouldn't be hanging with anyway.

    "When people show who they really are, they are letting you know that they are comfortable in their own skin and will not be affected by rejection."

    I've always felt more comfortable around people who admit that they have flaws rather than those who try to come across as perfect. If all of us have flaws, why do we try so hard to cover them up to "fit in"? Doesn't even make sense.

    Love this post, Krystal! Thanks for sharing. =)


  2. I agree with Krystal! Be who you are because that's how God intended you to be.. Everybody isn't going to like you or want to be your friend we all get talked about, Jesus was perfect and they talked about him.. But with God with us who can be against us?? We make mistakes to learn and grow.. God takes us thru things to allow us to come closer to him and to come out stronger.. Being real with yourself and being comfortable in the skin you're in or being different from what's considered to be society's "beautiful" may touch someone who is dealing with something similar such as feeling like an outcast for whatever reason.. Materialistic things aren't worth anything bc they can be taken but when the love of God is in us we can give that to so many more.. A kind word can change someone's life

  3. Krystal, I agree with you all the way. Once we get comfortable with who we are & who God made us, its easier to accept others for who they are. Even at 27 yrs old, I'm still learning to accept myself for who God made me. I was raised in a Muslim household, with Muslim parents & siblings. Little did I know, God would use me to bring my family to Christ?? Even though my parents are still practicing Islam, I do believe that before they leave this earth, they will accept Christ as their savior. I have to be very comfortable in the skin I'm in because being a Christian in a Muslim family is very tough. Although my mother was very accepting, my father wasn't. In fact, when he found out he stopped talking to me for 3 months. I'm happy that I was chosen, God has a plan for me.