Thursday, January 17, 2013

What is God's love language?

I've been reading on the 5 Love Languages lately, trying to better understand my husband and how to show him love. This is a great way to better your marriage and open your eyes to truth, and can even apply to your children and other people in your life you desire to love - not just spouses.

It's a neat eye opener, because if you've been struggling in a relationship, it can reveal how you might be showing your spouse (or whoever) love in the way YOU want to receive it - not in the way THEY want to receive it.

For example, if your husband's love language is gifts but yours is physical tough, and you've been extra huggy/touchy/feely lately but haven't gotten him a gift since his last birthday, then there is clearly miscommunication and a breakdown there of connection.

It also helps in a different way. Get this: When you realize what your spouse's love language is, it opens your eyes to how they're showing love to you in their own way, even if it's not in your desired language yet. It makes you more appreciative, discerning, and open.

Neat huh?

Take the quiz here to find out your love language!

It got me thinking, though - what is God's love language?

At first I wanted to guess "quality time" - because He loves when we spend time in His Word and in His presence in worship and rest. Then I thought maybe gifts - because He loves to bless us for obedience in tithing and helping others in need. But what about physical touch? How much does it bless God and show love to Him when we take care of the "least of these" - offering hugs and love and affection to those who might never know it otherwise (orphans. widows. etc) But then there is acts of service, which clearly fits into the above listing, and words of affirmation - praising Him for Who He is.

I made a conclusion.

He's all 5.

Because God IS love.

The Bible says so. If God is love, then God has to be all 5 love langauges (and probably even more we haven't yet discovered!)

How can you show God love today?


  1. I been wanting to read that book also, I'm reading "How to have a new husband by Friday." and it's an eye opener for me, more like an "Oh yea I get it now!" Lol, but I agree with you God is all 5 and more. I show God's love by smiling and laughing,it gives me a sense of being free. Sometimes that's all another person need to see from someone is a simple smile. CHEESE!!!!!!!! Be blessed, Peace!

  2. Great book! And yes, very helpful! Loved your insights about God. I would say we show our love to him thougth-Intimacy and transparency(physical tough), time in his presence(quality time), giving your heart and your tithe(gifts), praying and worshiping(words of affirmation), witnessing(acts of service). That was a good exercise :)