Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting Real with author Tamara Leigh

I'm so grateful to have Tamara Leigh here today, answering the famous question "what does getting real mean to you?”

I love this lady, and her books! Tamara's heart for the Lord shines through in her writing, and she can also create some wonders in the kitchen. Don't miss her blog link below.

Here's Tamara's answer:

I think I’ll let the writer in me tackle this question. Regardless of whether I’m writing in the historical or contemporary romance genre, I set out to develop characters who are “real,” meaning they’re less than perfect. Even if a heroine is a mature Christian, she won’t always think/act/speak like one. She will make emotional—and bad—choices that not only provide opportunities for readers to relate to her but often furthers the plot. 

Note: One reason I didn't sooner transition from the general market to the inspirational market was because I had difficulty relating to characters in inspirational novels published during the ’90s. Too often, a character’s only apparent flaw was a bad thought or misplaced word. Perhaps that’s why so many readers embraced Francine Rivers’ edgy Redeeming Love

Though I probably shouldn't admit that the novel wasn't a “keeper” for me, the author so deeply and believably flawed her heroine that I felt as if she was real. And nothing got in the way of me reading to the end to discover how she could possibly find redemption.

Thanks Tamara! Here's some info on Tamara's latest releases, and her blog link - you don't want to miss some of the recipes she shares!! :)

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