Thursday, April 18, 2013

$581 worth of a life lesson...

Some days just don't go as planned.

For example.

I walked outside this morning with my 4 year old to go to school and work, and...flat tire. My first thought was "oh no", my second thought was "I guess my tire light sensor wasn't lying after all" (don't judge me. It has before!) and my third thought was "at least it's here in the carport and not on the side of the road.)

Then I thought...I really wished I had learned to change a tire.

I took Little Miss back inside, and began the round of phone calls to figure out who could help us put the spare (thankfully, a full size one) on so I could get her to school. My mom offered to come pick us up and take us to school and work, but that would only delay my problem. I couldn't get the car fixed alone if I was at work.

Finally worked that out, got the spare on, and took Little Miss to school, not quite an hour late. Not too bad! But that was after she had a meltdown over something that's a really long story, leaving both of our nerves shot and me finally telling her "We're just going to pray."

And yes, that really did fix both of us.

Then I went to the tire store and confirmed just as I thought and others had told me - I needed two new back tires. Like, they were so bald the guy behind was almost mad at me.

So my free patching job (there'd been a giant nail in the flat) turned into a few hundred bucks for two NEW tires and rotation. Sigh.

I sat and waited. Drank my Sonic coke. Texted. Facebook'd. Wrote on my new story coming out next year. People watched. Rinse and repeat.

They finally called me to the counter, and when they'd taken the tires off and done a mechanic check they'd discovered I needed new brakes.

I know now you're probably thinking I'm falling for the stereotypical scam, "girl alone in auto store is fair game to any charge they can think of" but brakes had been squealing for some time now, and I'd be procrastinating. So after debating having the brakes fixed there or somewhere else for cheaper, I decided to do it then and there, because missing another half or full day of work next week would make it all balance out in the end anyway.

That added another few hundred dollars. Sigh.

Back to my Sonic drink, texting, goldfish crackers, writing, and now, a headache.

After 3 hours, the front desk guy started joking about getting me change of address forms.

Eventually, I looked up and saw my car driving out of the parking lot. I texted my sister and said "Either they're done and test driving, or someone just stole my car. At this point, I don't really care either way." ;)

The car came back. Brakes and tires all set. Me, $581 bucks lighter. (or rather, heavier, as some of it was put on the credit card)

And just in time.

A torrential downpour started right before I left, and there was flash flooding in the streets on my way to work. Crazy hard rain! And I realized something...

Though it cost me significantly, I was perfectly safe and protected and had everything I needed to get where I was going - and that is priceless.

I can apply that same truth to my personal storm, and you can too. God is equipping you right now, even in the waiting room, to have everything you need for your future. Even though it might feel boring right now. Even though it might feel painful right now. Even though it is costing you right now. There's a reason and a purpose and that is for your good, and God's glory.

I made it safely to work, my tires firmly gripping the road the entire way, whereas just a week ago in our last rainstorm, I had nearly hydroplaned a dozen times on the highway. I drove through flooded streets and beside trucks that splashed water over the top of my car, with zero consequence or sliding around or even fear on my part. I ended up behind an overeager driver, who apparently liked to tailgate, and had to test my new brakes several times, with zero problem.

I was safe. And I made it to my destination.

You will too.


  1. Thanks for this, I needed to read it! And I bet many others who, like me, are bad at commentting :)

  2. Excellent post, Chick!

    Your sister in Christ

  3. glad it worked out for you.

  4. Aww, Bets, what an awesome testimony! Seriously fits perfectly with my post on perspective over on the Alley today. We are in-sync! :)