Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Step away from the Benjamins...

Let's get real today about money...

Last Sunday, my pastor shared a point in his sermon that I think I KNEW, but hadn't really stopped to dwell on before. He was preaching from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew. I know you're probably familiar with the verse "You can't serve God and mammon."

Most people translate that to mean money, and that's the common understanding of it as well as the common use for it in the everyday sermon. And that's true. And rings true. But the real translation comes down to more along the definition of "stuff". (that's not Hebrew, or Latin. That's Betsy-ese.) Basically, "any material possession."

This very much so includes money. But not only money. So those of who don't have money to serve in the first place, or who have money but don't struggle with obsessing over it or serving it, miss the deeper point. We think "oh, I'm safe here. This doesn't apply to me."

No no. It does.

Because this could mean your car. Your house. Your TV. Your Xbox. Your computer or sound system. Your book collection. Your motorcycle. Your signed poster from a famous actor.

Or go abstract with it a little. In which case, this could mean your job, which brings in your money. This could even mean your ministry, if you become obsessed with trying to bring enough money for your cause.


See how easy it is?

We can't serve God and mammon.

Which basically comes down to, we can't serve God and ANYTHING ELSE. Because anything else outside of God becomes an idol.

And He tends to knock those down.

What is your idol today? What is your mammon? What are you serving?

Dwell on this verse a little and not just skip over it this time. See if  the Lord convicts you on anything like He did me. It's worth digging into!

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