Thursday, May 2, 2013

Don't try this at home....

God wants to bless you.

Did you know that?

He delights in delighting you, in fulfilling your needs, in meeting and exceeding your expectations. He LOVES you. Just like you, as a parent, enjoys surprising your children with good things and providing for them the things they need most, God enjoys the same with you - His child.

It's been really awesome lately how He's proven those truths to me. Every time I have a rough day (which is often the past several months), and I ask Him to do something special or me, He comes through. Every single time. Because He loves and never tires of our need for Him. Why would He NOT answer that prayer for you??

He will. So ask.

For example, yesterday - it wasn't a bad day, but I'd gotten weary. I had already asked God earlier in the day for something special from Him, for a blessing, something between us. I asked Him to romance me. So far, I hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary, but knew from past experience that didn't mean it wasn't coming. I waited on the Lord.

Well, once I stopped looking for it, there it was.

I was driving from work to church last night, wondering if it was going to rain or not as the sky had been threatening for hours with no result, as I merged onto the highway. I glanced over to check my blind spot...and there was a rainbow. Bright, beautiful, vibrant, right there over the mall.

And before I could even process the beauty of it or do more than tell God "Wow, that's beautiful", He impressed upon me a message so clearly, I couldn't breathe. He pointed out to me how the rainbow went through a cloud - you couldn't see the middle of the arch, but you could clearly see the beginning and the end.

There was beauty, life, and light on BOTH sides of the storm cloud.

That's the pic I nabbed on my phone while driving (on the highway! Don't try this at home! lol)

Poin being - I'm still in my storm cloud. It's dark and windy and I can't see. You might can relate. And that promise is true for you too if you're a follower of Jesus - there WILL BE light, life and beauty on the other side of the storm in your life.

His presence filled the car with me and I knew, once again, God had done exceedingly more than what I'd asked. (Ephesians 4) I wanted a blessing, something special, and He not only did that for me, He gave me a promise to go with it. And that promise came through the form of another promise He gave to man long ago - the rainbow, which signifies His decree to never flood the earth again.

As scary as my storm is, as scary as your storm is, we won't be destroyed.


  1. Wow, Betsy, that's beautiful. What a fabulous post. Sorry you've had such a hard time lately. We all have, haven't we. The devil is dirty, that's for sure.

    Thanks for sharing your rainbow story with us.


  2. What a beautiful post! Love your rainbow gift from God.