Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April showers bring May blizzards...

April showers bring May flowers...and apparently, snow storms!

I love how God is in control of all things. Including the weather. And just when the world begins to try to predict it all and make claims and determinations (global warming? Uh, visit please! snort) He throws a kink in their logic.

LOVE it.

I personally have no problem with a cold Spring, especially here in north LA where we rarely get Spring at all, at least for longer than a week! We tend to go straight from high temps of 40's in the winter to high temps of 80's+, rounding out the humid summer in the 100's.

So bring on the blizzard! :)

Seriously though, the same Spirit that calmed the storm with the disciples in the boat is the same Spirit, the same God who is in charge today.

Of the weather, and of all things.

So regardless of your current climate - stormy, gusty, sunny, rainy, etc. - trust in the One who gets the final say. On global warming, on May flowers, and in our life.

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