Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I can't find my big girl panties...

** Disclaimer ** I apologize in advance for any men reading this post, because the word panties will be used multiple times! Run if you must!  :)  **

Sometimes, life is just hard. (no surprise here right?)

And sometimes, we just have to put on our big girl panties (so to speak) and do what has to be done even when we really just want to crawl in bed and hide out naked. (so to speak) Or curl up in the fetal position with a chocolate bar in one hand and a Coke Zero in the other. (wait, that's my specific dream. But you know you have one too!)

There's no doubt about it. Some days require big girl panties.

So what do we do when we can't find them?? When we try to muster up what we need and it's just not  there? When our stomach is cramping in dread and our palms are sweaty and our head hurts and our heart aches and we simultaneously want to never eat again and eat everything in sight? (And no I don't mean PMS here!)  ::grin::

We go back to Jesus. He's in charge of us. Our Lord is Adonai, which means our owner. And I'm pretty sure that includes Him being keeper of the panty drawer. We ask Him for what we need, and we trust Him to provide it.

I felt that way recently. I had to do something, deal with something, that to be honest, was totally not fair. And I totally didn't want to have to do it. And I totally shouldn't have had to.

But circumstances made it necessary. And I had to find my big girl panties and do it - and do it alone.

Yet in the middle of the situation, I was reminded that I wasn't ever really alone. Jesus was right there with me, just waiting for me to acknowledge His presence, as He always patiently does. He didn't toss me the underwear I needed and then bail. He wanted to go with me.

Do you ever do that? I do. Sometimes I start off on a hard journey and invite Him along and confess my desperate need for Him, then completely forget to keep up the communication while I'm actually IN the situation I was so worried about. (DUH!)

The other day was an improvement in that category for me. I found my big girl panties, did what I had to do, AND remembered to keep talking with Jesus the entire time, reassuring myself of His presence.

So I guess Victoria isn't the only one with a secret. Mine was carrying on two conversations at once - one with a real person, and the other with a very real God.  ;)

If you've lost your panties, or if you feel locked out of your underwear drawer, or in need of an undergarment shopping spree (all so to speak... if YOU mean literally, then I suggest a locksmith and Target....) remember, the God of the universe has everything you need. He's like an unlimited gift card to Victoria's Secret  :)  You need strength for the journey? Try the bins by the front door. Peace and joy? Drawers over to the right. Perseverance? In the cabinet by the dressing room. It's all on Him.


  1. This was just great! :) I really needed this today. You're right. Sometimes we're put into situations we shouldn't be. I'm there, right now, but sometimes I wonder if God puts us "where we shouldn't be" (as far as we can understand) so we learn how to let his plan unfold rather than our own.
    If we never have a need to put on our big girl panties, chances are that we'll just sit around in diapers. :)

  2. LOVE that, girl! So true. We all gotta be potty trained ;)

    You're right here too: sometimes I wonder if God puts us "where we shouldn't be" (as far as we can understand) so we learn how to let his plan unfold rather than our own.

    I totally agree. It's about perspective. And Romans 8:28 - He can and will use anything for our good.

  3. Thanks for stopping by our blog. I love real people who aren't afraid to say they don't have all the answers or maybe they do they just aren't always good at applying them all. Nice to meet you. :)

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