Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Whatever makes you happy...

That's a pretty dangerous saying  - "whatever makes you happy" because, well, if we actually do whatever makes us happy all the time, we'd really screw up our lives. Because happiness is fleeting - it's totally different than JOY (which is what we're supposed to have as believers/followers of Christ) - and because it's fleeting, it's usually misguided at best, and flat out WRONG a lot of the time.

It might make us happy in the moment to eat that fifth donut, but really, is that best? No. Its misguided. It does more harm later than good. (this example was hard to write because I LOVE donuts ::wink::) Seriously though. Think about what makes you happy, and how successful your life or how deep your walk with God would be if you indulged in those fleeting happy moments all the time...

Comfort food.
Excessive sleep.
More alcohol.
Another cigarette.
One night stand.
Medication to zone out.
Yelling at a loved one who disappointed us.
Gossiping because they deserve it.
Plotting revenge because they have it coming.
Withholding love because it hurts to give it.
Bashing a friend verbally to another because they wronged you.

All of the above feels good, makes us happy, for a moment in time. A passing, fleeting, flesh-centered moment in time. And then what happens? What are the results?

Weight gain.
Missed opportunities.
Cancer or sickness or disease.
Broken relationships.
Severed friendships.

Yuck. It's not worth it, is it? It never is. Whatever feels good to the flesh in the moment in these circumstances usually just brings death to the spirit immediately after. Sort of like that whole "Adam and Eve in the garden" thing ;)   That was legit, folks. That wheel hasn't stopped spinning, and we're caught right in the middle. Let's learn from our ancestors, and break the destructive cycle.

Instead of gratifying the flesh and doing what makes us happy, why not think about what would make God happy? What would build up our spirit and more importantly, the spirit of the other person, instead? The WWJD bracelet fad from a few years ago wasn't really all that far off. What Would Jesus Do?

He'd love. He'd forgive. He'd console. He'd comfort. He'd heal. He'd restore. He'd redeem. He'd turn the other cheek. He'd speak in love and not judgment.

Though its harder to respond in that positive, Jesus-like way in the moment, it's always worth it. How many times have you ever kicked yourself in the booty after responding in a Christ like manner to someone who hurt you? How many times have you taken a verbal blow from a loved one, responded in love, and walked away berating yourself for not cussing them out? How many times have you whispered secrets about a friend to another friend, and was super glad afterward that you had? How many times have you lied to your spouse and felt really, really good about it for the following weeks ahead?

Probably never :)

There's something to that. So go with it.

Now, there is a small disclaimer.

Ready for this??

**You can't over indulge with Snoopy.**

Yep! Impossible. So, because Snoopy makes me happy, enjoy  :)


  1. awww Snoopy :) Great points Ms.Betsy! There are definitely some times in my life when I have looked back and wished I could change them. And I wish I could remember to think of "WWJD?" more often. The only permanent happiness comes from doing the right thing and living in God. Sometimes we just get tricked by what we think is "better" :/ Great post!

  2. Thanks for writing this post, Betsy! I just shared it with my friends and family! :) Very wise words!