Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Women...getting it wrong from Day 1

This might be a touchy post, but I hope you'll hear my heart in this.

Something that really hit me while watching the Bible series on History channel Sunday night was the influence of women throughout history.

And how we've been screwing it up since the dawn of time for the SAME REASONS.

Come on girls. Let's learn this lesson and move forward! Quit repeating history! (I'm preaching to myself most of all)

Think about it. This is huge...

Eve, in the garden. Believed a lie and was convinced God was holding out on her. She took matters into her own hands (literally, by picking the fruit) and mankind was never the same.)

(I'm not excusing Adam here by any means. I used to joke, "well hey, at least it took the devil himself to trick us into death. It only took an outstretched hand and a piece of fruit to convince man to sin")

Lot's wife. The Bible show portrayed her to very mouthy, very opinionated, very strong willed and very effective in getting what she wanted. I'd have to go back and read for myself her portions in Genesis to see how much of that might be exaggerated or if it might just be dead on. Either way, we know for sure she was influential (negatively) in Lot's life by demanding her own way. She also disobeyed the command of God and looked back on her sin. The analogy there is staggering. How horrible it is to turn back to sin once we've repented and been offered grace. She wanted to be the leader, the decider of the decisions for her people instead of submitting to her husband as the Bible instructs clearly is the proper order.

Sarai (Sarah) Believed Abraham's message from God about the descendants being as numerous as the stars. Brown points there. She stood by her man and let him lead even when others probably thought he sounded a little crazy. BUT - she grew impatient. She rushed God's timing. She suggested they solve this problem themselves and let Abraham start his starry heritage by sleeping with their maid. Sounds absurd to us in this culture, by it's not so far out there. We've all grown impatient and doubted God to the point of making a bad decision. Sarah's decision, however, was literally to the detriment of the entire world. Countries are still fighting and warring TODAY over that birthright. Patience matters.

So look at these common issues in women's hearts from the dawn of time:

1. Believed God was holding out on her.
2. Wanted her own way.
3. Insisted in leading instead of following.
4. Didn't trust God to keep His promises.
5. Rushed God's timing.

Sound familiar? It's ringing bells here. Lots of them.


We should learn, girls. We should learn.

1. God desires to give us His best.
2. God's ways are better and higher than ours, and are for our GOOD.
3. Following God, and following God's orders and laws and suggested way of doing things is always the better choice in every situation, especially regarding marriage and family.
4. God can NOT and will NOT break His word. Ever. He is faithful, trustworthy and consistent. He alone.
5. God's timing is perfect. Ours is wrong. Patience MATTERS. Perseverance COUNTS.

Let's stop repeating history.

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  1. Yeah, we women were made to be help-mates, but I'm afraid, we like to help way too much! The one thing we can count on though is no matter how much we mess things up sometimes, God accepts "I'm sorry. I've really botched this up. Help me."