Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A portrait of appreciation

I work a part time job now outside of the home, and with this being the first time I had to work and Little Miss didn't have school (Thanksgiving break), there were some pretty rough tears from the poor sweetie who was confused about her routine being different, and missing her mommy (in advance) 

She hasn't done that since she was about 2. It made for a rough morning for her, myself, and my husband, who was her designated babysitter for the day. Hard for her to stop crying, hard for me to leave while she was crying, and hard for my husband not to take it personally that she was crying. Yet despite offers of donuts and other various no-fail-cheer-up-material, she still cried. HARD. Buckets, even. 

She was so focused on what she was losing, she couldn't see what was being offered her. 

She was so stuck on what she couldn't have, that she was blinded to the blessings in front of her. 

Yikes. Sound familiar? I know it struck home for me. 

How often do we get so caught up in the specifics of how God "isn't" answering our prayers, that we don't see what He IS doing in our lives? He's blessing our socks off, and we're stuck on the "but You didn't do X". 

We blame Him for failing us when He's standing there with a box of piping hot donuts and chocolate milk. We tell Him His provision and gifts aren't enough, yet He's offering us a gift of absolute epic value - Himself. His presence. His promises. His strength. His peace. His joy. HIM. His Son. His Holy Spirit. 


My challenge for all of us today, no matter what storm we face, is that we Get Real with God. Take off the mask of indifference, shed the facade of apathy, and ACCEPT His gifts. With open arms and open hearts. 

Dry your tears, and eat a donut. 

Then bask in your Father's presence. He is Constant. Good. and Sovereign. 


  1. Love this! I'm constantly having to remind myself of the many blessings God has given me, especially during those times when I am tempted to drown myself in self pity. Thanking God for everything he has given me rather than pouting over the few things I don't have tremendously improves my mood. Thanks for this reminder!