Friday, November 2, 2012

Real involved...

If you're hurting, dear reader...if your soul bleeds, if your spirit gasps, if your heart breaks, then there's a secret you absolutely MUST discover.

Know this - this secret isn't gossip. It isn't a myth. It isn't a "wives tale" or vain hope or desperate longing.

It's truth. Flat-out, nothing-held-back, soaking-into-the-soil-of-your-heart, Hebrews 11:1-in-your-face-TRUTH.

Here it is:

There are no coincidences. There is only Jesus - "real" involved in your life. Really.

This sounds great, I know, but trite. Too good to be true. God isn't that involved in our lives, you think.

Oh, friend. He is.

You're afraid to believe it. Afraid to want it, because it means letting go of the pain we've held so tightly to, we don't even realize it's shredding our white-knuckled grasp like razor blades.

Let go. Believe.

Jesus cares. Jesus is involved. Jesus is at work in your life.

Have you ever had one of those moments, where you've "randomly" decided to read a devotional, or "randomly" followed a link on someone's FB page, or "randomly" flipped through your Bible, or "randomly" got a phone call from a friend, or "randomly" saw a quote on Twitter or heard a song on the radio or read a church billboard or caught the end of a sermon or saw a phrase in a novel that applied DIRECTLY to your situation? To your wound? To your pain?

That's Jesus. Speaking to you. YOU. It's intentional. It's real. It's on purpose.

Because you're worth it. Because He DOES see your pain. He DOES hear your cries and prayers. He DOES see your faith. He DOES care. He IS involved.

And He's got so much up His sleeve for you.

We are not forgotten. We are not alone. This is truth.

There are no coincidences, friend. There are just fingerprints - holy fingerprints, scattered over all the events and "randomness" in our lives. Just look for the evidence. Pray for God to reveal it to you, to give you eyes to see.

You'll see it.

Get ready :)

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