Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I only had two people answer my poll yesterday, but they both answered "frequently".

I'm not surprised.

But reader - I've been there. RECENTLY. And here's what I learned.

We either believe God's Word, or we don't. I pray you do, because it's Truth. (whether you believe it or not :;grin::) That said, if we believe God's Word, we have to believe all of it. And He says "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

This wasn't some pie in the sky sentiment. It was a promise. IS a promise.

Someone close to me and dear to me suffered a loss not too long ago that really made them question their faith. Question where God was. Question why God didn't intervene and comfort them in the moment or the moments after. In the pain. They felt alone. Abandoned.

But God was there.

Why He didn't let that person feel it? I don't know. But I firmly believe that in the times when God seems silent, He is at work. About to do something in our lives to blow us away.

I've experienced this personally in my life recently.

God is there. He is at work. He doesn't stop. He doesn't sleep. He doesn't get distracted or busy or look away for even a moment. HE DOESN'T ABANDON US.

Here's the thing -

We have to be open to hear Him speak. That comes essentially through His Word, the Bible, and often through other Christians. But He is also in nature. Creation. Beauty. He is the innocence of children. I don't know how many times my preschooler has said something off the wall to me that was straight from the Lord. He uses anyone and anything to speak to us. Pray He gives you eyes to see and ears to hear! This is crucial, friend. We have to want it.

He also promises us, along with His promise to never forsake us, that when we seek Him with all our hearts, we will find Him.

He didn't say WHEN. He didn't say right then. He didn't say it would feel or look like we expect it to. But He promised it would happen. That we could trust Him.

This song sort of sums it up. Please listen to the lyrics.


My favorite line in the lyrics? "We cannot separate 'cause You're part of me and though You're invisible, trust the unseen."


'm praying for you today.


  1. I had a long comment typed and then found out my ipad doesn't post anonymously so I'll have courage and take off the mask.
    I believe the Bible all of it but its still a struggle. I know The Lord will never leave but sometimes I wonder why He's not closer and why I can hurt so much. He also says that sometimes we won't see His provisions or blessings until heaven, when you are hurting that's hard to live with.
    Waiting for some answers and changes as love as I have can really wear on a girl. It's been wearing on my recently, I think it's ok to ask God questions and not feel ok if you don't give up and look to Him even when it doesn't feel natural or easy,
    I'm guilty of putting more hope in immediate feelings and I known that's the wrong to do things.
    Last night I was trying to fall asleep and kept thinking about something I really really want, haven't gotten and is starting to just feel impossible and yes, completely abandoned. I thought "but Lord I want this" and felt somwthing like "I gave you this desire." Was God talking to me? Why is the wait so long, though? And I hope it truly is worth it.

  2. *changes as LONG as I have, not as love as I have, lol

  3. Tonya, thank you for being real :)

    I personally believe that assurance was from God. Because God DOES give us the desires of our heart. He made us, created us, and places things deep inside that are on purpose. We don't get to be in charge of them or the timetable, however. Which is the tricky part :)

    I think you know in your spirit if it was God speaking to you.

    As for what you said about not seeing His blessings until Heaven - yes and no. I think there are a lot of things we won't get to understand until Heaven. A lot of "why's", etc. But I cling to the truth that in the Word it says Jesus came to give us life, and life more abundantly. That doesn't just apply to Heaven :)

    Praying for you!

  4. Thanks, I agree about the heaven stuff too.
    I also like superchick