Friday, November 9, 2012

The midnight hour...

I have a praise today. I'm sharing it here because I'm SO elated, and because I believe it's crucial to praise God in the middle of our storms, in the middle of the hurt. We're faithful to Him, and readers - He is SO SO faithful to us.

My husband, a fireman, finished paramedic school last year and passed his practicals with flying colors. He's so talented in his field, he has a true hero's heart. But the written test was kicking his tail. He learns best hands-on, not by studying or through books, and was never a great test taker in school. Text anxiety, and all that. So while he studied and tried his best and truly knew the material - he kept failing it. This test was heaping a lot of pressure and stress on him and it had been going on for a year. The test is actually done on a computer, a series of multiple choice questions phrased as trick questions such as "which of these is most correct") and time after time (five times to be exact) he would get bad news. 5 fails. And the blow was worse every time.

He only gets 6 tries to pass it before having to retake the entire year of school again.

Yesterday was his 6th try.

We waited for 24 hours for the results on pins and needles, stressed to the max. I don't know HOW many people were praying for him before, during and after, but it was a lot. The heavens were assaulted by hearts and prayers and tears yesterday, and this morning, when we checked for the results - still nothing was posted.

I took my little girl to preschool and was waivering before faith and despair, faith and despair. I didn't want the consequences that failing this last time would bring - not technically, physically or emotionally/mentally/spiritually for my husband or my family. I was desperate for God.

He passed.

Friend, God often comes through for us in the midnight hour. His timing is perfect, and His plan IS for our good and for His glory. And today He gets ALL the glory from this grateful heart of mine.

Thank you, Father God, Abba, Ezer, for your faithfulness. You are constant, you are real. You are here, and you hear. You are Lord. I love you.

If you're still waiting, if your clock is about to strike midnight, don't lose faith. Don't lose hope. Keep crying out to our Saviour. He is faithful. I pray your hope is renewed today. Don't give up. He doesn't give up on us.

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    My brother is a marine firefighter and he has struggled with his emt test, too.i think paramedic and emt are different though?