Monday, November 12, 2012

Let's get real...

Let's get real and encourage each other today.

When was the last time you received a Word or Truth from God that applied to your personal storm or trial? What did that Word look like? How did you get it? Share in the comment section and let's encourage each other :)

Was your Truth from reading your Bible, or hearing a sermon at church, or reading a devotional that applied directly to your situation? Was it verbal balm from a trusted friend? A counseling session that really hit home?  You know what I mean - those moments where you tear up or feel that pressure in your chest from the Holy Spirit, that moment where you think "YES, God. YES. That's exactly it."

As I told a friend just the other day - "It's those moments where you feel like God Himself has come down to your living room, tucked you in a comfy blanket and handed you a mug of hot cocoa."

I love that God can - and does - use anything to speak to His children and meet them where they are. Sometimes He uses the more obvious methods like what I listed above.

And sometimes He uses something really surprising or even flat out cool. A TV commercial. A Hallmark card. A fiction novel. Creation.

If you seek Him and His word, dear reader, you WILL find Him. The Bible promises us that.

Will you seek today?

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